NaNoWriMo Begins!

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As this wonderfully and unseasonably warm final day of October comes to be, I will be busy bustling here and there with daily activities along with preparing for the nights festivities. The best part of this will come tonight after midnight when NaNoWriMo officially begins and I can finally start silencing the people in my head. Shesh! They really love to chatter! So it goes without saying, though I will say anyway, that posting here will be halted completely if not slowed immensely as I venture forth into the world of novel writing in a month. My goal is to just do as much as I can. It took me forever to settle on a plot. So the hard work is done. Finalizing some of the char names and places and getting started on building the idea of the story. I don’t particularly outline or plot plan exactly. I tried that and it just didn’t work that well. Most of the characters in my head tend to lead the story where it needs to go on their own with me just…writing!

Happy writing!

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