Interview with the Heroine: Relena

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~☼~ What do you feel is your greatest weakness/flaw? ~☼~

My greatest weakness and flaw? Uh…you first. Just read my story and make that decision for yourself. I’ve had people say that I was too selfish. I’ve had people tell me that I was too stubborn. I’ve even had people say that it was uncharacteristic in the way that I fell for Marren.*shrug* It is what it is; in the past and a part of my story.

~☼~If there was one person in your life you could bring back from the dead with absolutely no consequences, who would it be and why? You don’t have to choose just someone in the story either, you can choose anyone who you may have known before the story! ~☼~


No thought required.

What you didn’t get to see was how incredibly close we were. Marren even pointed out to me just how much I meant to Danst and it nearly made the pain of his loss, the empty space that was left with his absence, so much bigger. There are just so many things that I would do differently with him if I had the chance to.

~☼~Oh no! Marren is about to undergo a transformation and you can only pick one aspect of him to save! What will it be? His hot body? His devotion? Quick! Choose! ~☼~

*laughs* What kind of transformation? *bobs eyebrows* Honestly, there isn’t a thing that I could single out to keep. It’s like asking me to choose which limb or vital organ to live without. Marren is just as much a part of me as I am him. It’s what the heart song does. It makes it to where you are no longer two separate people, but one entity. Yeah, I know human marriage does that too. But human marriage is symbolic whereas the heart song is much more literal and permanent.

~☼~ What do you admire most about yourself? This can be anything from physical appearance to a particular part of your personality that you think you like best. ~☼~

I think the thing I love the most about me is my werewolf side. The side that Marren gave to me. I find that I miss it the most during dark nights and it makes me remember the time we spent on the immortal realm.

~☼~ This is a two part question: Firstly, you had a pretty rough upbringing. What do you think contributed most to that? Secondly, if you could change whatever it was that had the biggest influence on your childhood, would you?  ~☼~

Though I did have a rough early life, I think that it turned out quite well and so that part of me no longer is thought of. But if I had to say what had to have contributed to it the most, it would be what started how rough my life was. And that was my mother running away with another man.

No, to the second one. Because I wouldn’t have met Danst and I can’t even bare to think what could’ve happened if Marren didn’t come into my life when he did. 

All in all, my life has been pretty great. Despite the fact that I can live theoretically forever, my experiences has done nothing but shape who I am and I’m comfortable with where I’m at.

~☼~ What traits do you most admire in a man? A woman? Why? ~☼~

This is an interesting question. I don’t think that I look for any specific traits. With Marren, one thing I love about him is his persistence. He knew he had to do whatever it took to get me to open up to him and he did. And with Naloud, her strong will and compassion. I love Enid’s protection and wisdom. Raden’s wit. Nyr’s loyalty. Each person in my life is there for a reason, but not just specifically based on their traits.

~☼~ Sometimes we wonder what would’ve happened to us had a certain event not occurred. What is that certain event for you? What do you think your life would’ve been like had that event not happened? ~☼~

I wonder, but I do not dwell. But it is what could’ve happened to me if Marren didn’t make it in time to take me from the Cyrs. I’d like to think that he would’ve hunted them down until he found me, but it’s such an unnecessary unknown that I smile when I think back to that night. I’m grateful he came when he did.

~☼~ You’re a fantastic Heroine. As this is an interview about Heroines, who was your heroine and why? It can be based off fiction or someone you’ve actually met in your life. ~☼~

I would have to say, though there have been many great women that I had been blessed to know, none have come close to Okelo and Naloud. Obviously I’m a bit biased when it comes to Naloud. However, Okelo made things a little easier to understand for me. She was there to help me through some of my more trying experiences and despite my jealousies; she was a great woman who lead with her heart. *laughs* perhaps, I’m a bit biased with her too! Naloud because of her innate ability to see the best in everyone. She’s the best of both worlds.

~☼~ You inspire women who read your story. What would you want to pass along to them? ~☼~

Never, ever, be afraid to follow what’s in your heart. Never back down from the things you believe in. Within every woman is a strong, capable, heroine that only needs you to be courageous enough to let her out.

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