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A big hearty welcome to the wonderful Tianna Holley! Take it away!

What personal life?  I’m an author!



Before my first novel came out, I never really thought about the life of an author.  In fact, I did not even know I would start writing until the week I began to type Unexpected Metamorphosis.  The story came to me suddenly and would not leave me.  I had to write, and it had to come out.

As for the writing process, I locked myself in my room or typed outside throughout the night.  It was very peaceful sitting alone on my porch into the wee hours of the morning while my family slept.  Of course, I paid dearly during the days for my lack of sleep, but it was well worth it.

At first I thought I was only writing for myself.  I had no plans to have the novel published.  It wasn’t until I was half finished with it that my friend and I realized it was good, I mean really good.  I had not expected that and was surprised.

Before I started writing, I was a home school mother that loved to host parties often.  I cooked large meals, and there were always freshly baked goods in my kitchen.  Since becoming an author, all of that has changed.  My children go to public school, I no longer have time to plan parties, I don’t cook half as much as I used to, and my family has had to adjust to me having a full-time career.

Now that Unexpected Metamorphosis has been released, I find myself attending conventions, doing book signings and speeches, and spending many hours a week on social media and blogging.  People take pictures with me, and I’ve had a microphone and video camera suddenly turned on me.  (It was bad, really bad.  I bombed!)

I’ve learned that authors are public speakers, marketing experts, writers, and so much more.  They are a great people to be around, and I love all of my new writing friends.  (They understand what I mean when I say I hear voices in my head.)

Last year I would have never thought about putting myself in a spotlight, yet as an author, I constantly promote my pen name and post pictures of myself at events and signings.  I’m no longer a private person.  My personal life is written about and talked about.  I believe that is the biggest adjustment I’ve encountered with this new career.

And this is just the beginning!  Unexpected Metamorphosis was just released last month.  I am constantly amazed by this unplanned journey I’m on, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.  I’d love to hear what others have to say.  Every writer has their own story, and they’re all unique.  Maybe one day we’ll meet, and you can tell me yours.  Until then, write (or read) on.

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