Samantha LaFantasie

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It’s all about me today! :)

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you do when you’re not writing?

Usually, anything but. Sometimes I’m doing family stuff and sometimes I’m reading, working on promotions for indie authors, or working on a project for a client.

What do you do for leisure?

I like crafts. So, anything crafty. Reading (of course). Sometimes, I zone out to the TV. But most of the time, I’m playing Guild Wars or Guild Wars 2.

What made you decide to write?

No one decision led me to this fate. I did it off and on throughout my youth and early adult years. But when I sat down and started to do it with the intentions of actually publishing something, it was about 5 or 6 years ago. It wouldn’t be until 2010, with the birth of Heart Song, that I published and started making this a profession.

What is something that you love to do that someone else may find a little shocking? For example, I love to eat fries and mayonnaise, peanut butter and banana sandwiches, peanut butter and mayo sandwiches…etc.

Well, here’s another thing that could be a little shocking (not including the points I mentioned in my own question)… I’m secretly an alien! Shh! Really, I stumped myself on my own question. Hmm…

Tell us a little bit about your current project (can be current release). What is it about? What started the idea?

I’m working on a couple of things right now. One of them is the follow up to Made to Forget called Forced to Remember.  But I am still figuring stuff out with that one, so I’ll go with the first.

Made to Forget follows a Sergeant of the Aurora Vanguard, 240 years in the future, after she wakes in the hospital with no memories. She struggles to remember what happened while people she doesn’t trust befriends her and those she does trust keep themselves hidden.

The idea that started this concept was actually a dream I had where the woman starts to remember who she was with a key character in the story. The scene actually made it into the story, but had gone through some tweaking to fit.

How long did it take you from concept to finished product?

Just over a year and half.

How did you decide the genre?

It was decided for me in the dream. I felt like I had to stick with it to give it any justice.

Did you find any drawbacks or snags while writing that made you learn something new or a new method to writing? For example: I’m a pantser at heart, but I’ve found some great templates and plotting ideas to help with making the story arch progress when I come to a “block”.

Do I really need to answer this one beyond what was already said? Honestly, I do everything differently for each occurrence. I do have templates, yes. But sometimes, just breaking away for a bit and putting my mind on something else helps or finding inspiration related to the story. For example, with Made to Forget, Tron, Star Trek, Glitch Mob and other dub step music, were what kept me motivated and avoided that point for the most part.

Are there any projects that you are currently working on and wish to share?

I’m working on a number of projects currently.  Forced to Remember is one.  Fallen, which is a paranormal/urban fantasy that was a nano I did in 2011 but I’ve changed the story, really only keeping the concept. Then there’s the WIP I just started, and I have no idea what it will be about or called. It’s pantsing at its finest. I can say that it is a YA paranormal fantasy.

What, if anything, did you want readers to pull from this interview?

I would love it if my readers had gained a bit of knowledge about me and got to know me a little better. Looking forward to some of my future works wouldn’t hurt either!

Wanna ask me another question not covered here? Go right on ahead and do so! I’d be happy to answer them!



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