Pearseus: Rise of the Prince

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pearseusThose were not normal dreams, and they shaped the destiny of more than just the two men who fell under their influence. They shaped the fate of an entire civilization, the descendants of Earth’s most prominent citizens.

When their spaceship crashed on an unexplored planet, the survivors tried to make a fresh beginning there, only to discover that they were not alone on the planet.

Three hundred years later, their descendants have colonized the planet, rebuilding their civilization from scratch. In the process, they have created a dystopia for themselves, splitting into three competing factions: the Capital, the Loyalists and the Democracies, all embroiled in endless intrigue and constant warfare.

Peace of the Eclipse, an uneasy truce between the three parties, still holds – barely. While man turns against man, the planet’s indigenous people wage their own war against a shadowy enemy; an ancient conflict that threatens to engulf and destroy all of humanity.

Following an unspeakable crime, the men and women on the planet realize that they had been brought to the planet to face the remnants of humanity’s ancient past and the consequences of a long-forgotten sin. As their world crumbles all around them, they struggle to live and love, but can love be found in the ruins of humanity’s civilization? And what form will justice for their ancestral crimes take? For, in the end, justice without compassion is but tyranny.


Gella gestured her orders and their companions slipped into the darkness. Parad noticed with approval that they made as little sound climbing down the hill as they had during its ascent. The guards below them muttered to each other, oblivious of death’s rapid approach. One of them laughed, and Parad marvelled for a second at how few people have the privilege of knowing when they would die. The sight of twin swords flashing as the men activated their energy arc mesmerised him. They sang in the dark for no more than a second before darkness engulfed them again, blood having quenched their thirst for the time.
Gella touched his shoulder and he jumped under her hand. I must be getting old, or she’d never have been able to startle me like that, he thought with dismay. Her crooked smile did not help him feel better either. Still, the skill demonstrated by her and her men impressed him, so he gave her a grudging nod and let her lead the way.
The warm, copper smell of blood and the acidic stench of guts hit him before they saw the wall below them. The familiar smell still managed to upset him. He paused for a second before jumping down, knowing from past experience how easy it would be to slip on the spilt blood. He did not want to offer the Lancers the story of the General who slipped and fell head first into a pool of blood; such a story would be told in bars and taverns for years. Stepping carefully around the two corpses, he nodded his approval to the men. They put out the fire and the smell of smoke now covered all other odours. An unexpected sense of gratitude filled him, surprising him. I am getting old, he thought, depressed.

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About the Author

book photo NRNicholas Rossis was born in 1970 in Athens. Greece. In 1995 he moved to Edinburgh, Scotland, where he received his PhD in Digital Architecture from the University of Edinburgh and taught various publishing courses at Napier University. This is also the year he founded his web design company, Istomedia.

In 2000, he brought Istomedia to Greece. He has taught design and publishing at various Greek colleges and universities and has written a score of children’s books, numerous short stories and Pearseus, a Sci-Fi dystopian novel described as “Game of Thrones meets Dune”.

Nicholas lives in a forest outside Athens with Electra, his lovely wife of over twenty years, one beautiful dog and two remarkably silly cats.


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  2. Samantha, your review is persuasive. I was going to buy Nicholas’ book anyway and now I know what I am going to get!

    Nocholas, sounds really good! Wishing you all best!

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