Better Late Than Never: Review of My Author MUST HAVE

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Life for me, as of late, has gotten quite interesting. For one, I’m embarking on homeschooling my son with autism. What turned out to be something that I could do part time during the summer to get ready for the fall became something that will be happening on Monday. So, in the midst of all the chaos of scrambling resources together, preparing, and lesson planning, I’ve barely had time to breathe much less sleep or write. But that’s okay, ’cause I’m doing this now and it’s only a few hours late. Better late than never, right?

I think so.

My Author MUST HAVE is a nifty program called Naturalreader (click on the name and go try it out).

What this program does:

It will read to you any text you want read to you, in practically any voice you want. Very nifty when you have a specific voice in mind for your characters. Helps you in editing and polishing the manuscript.

What this program doesn’t do:

It will not listen to you. It’s not like Dragon NaturallySpeaking. It won’t write what you say.


I bought this program in 2012 sometime and used it with Made to Forget. This program really helps to catch snags in the flow of the script and makes it easy to edit and listen at the same time.

You can adjust the rate the speaker talks, but be aware that it will distort certain words and skip over others (at least it sounds like it).  And while we are on that note, there are words that will get spelled out. It’s not often, and if you are a fantasy author, like me, you tend to make up words to go with your made up worlds. Keep that in mind when using this program. It doesn’t really bother me, as I’m always following along.


Best part about this program:

It has a free version.

I haven’t had the free version in a while, but I believe you get two voices (one male and one female). It’s limited on what it can do, but it still does the same thing.

I bought the program after falling in love with it the first time I used it. The version I bought came with two additional voices and I paid around $50 for it with a sale/coupon, etc. Can’t really remember. But the prices are a bit higher now, with more options and other gadgets. Nevertheless, the cost doesn’t change my opinion. I still love it and highly recommend it. Especially with the fact that you can try a more limited version for free.

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