Editing: A Before and After Look – Part Two

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As promised, here is the second part to a look inside what editing looks like for me. Using the same things as before.

Here is what was sent to my second editor (sounds bad, but I only use the term because she is the second to edit):












Here is what was said on this part:












Here are the changes I made:


editpostfinaleditsthusfar Unfortunately, what occurred after this was the realization that this was a dream scene. Because my editor has my story’s best interest at heart, she and I both agreed that this entire scene should be removed and placed into a different point of the story, either in this one or kept for another point in time. Therefore, that is what I’m doing.

It was painful, but I know it is what is best for EoM and I have his wonderful, beautiful scene to use at a later point in time. :)

And that is the truth of editing and concludes this short series on a look before and after. I hope you enjoyed it!

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