Something Previously Unreleased: A Look into Ithia

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This is a long term work of mine. It’s working title is Fated: An Ithia Novel, a YA Fantasy set in a different world. In this story, a young girl learns of a destiny she doesn’t want but learns to deal with it while mastering her walking magic and hiding from the deadly Society of Mages. Her job is to overturn the corrupted leaders of the land of Ithia and reclaim the throne, setting what went wrong 1000 years before right.

As this is a work in progress, there will be editing errors. I ask that you kindly disregard them. However, I am open to honest critique. I’m anticipating adding this to Wattpad and developing it further from there. My hope is to have the entire trilogy written before publishing. This is the prologue, which takes place 1000 years before the opening chapter in the main character’s POV.


A rumble of thunder sounded as the Queen waited next to her bed. The vibrations reverberated through the pallid gray stone floor and shook her frame as they entered her feet. The end of the booming roar fell silent with the sound of rain that started to pelt the balcony outside her room. The wind blew the thick drapes into her room, bringing with it the rain’s sweet scent tinged with the sulfuric smell of lightning—a powerful storm, indeed.
Her room had darkened as the storm clouds moved in, only the light from the torches kept her from being in complete darkness. Not that she was afraid of the dark, just unnerved by what she was to do, as it were. Each rumble of thunder, sounding closer each time it crashed, forced her heart to race even more. Her breaths caught as she watched the doors to her room for any sign of her pursuer.
Nervously, she twisted the ring on her finger. She hated the weight that it bore, the symbol of what it meant to her kingdom and the constant reminder of what she had to sacrifice. All of it had become meaningless.
Someone approached from behind her. The familiar rhythm in the steps came as a relief to her. She didn’t need to turn to know who it was.
“Your majesty, he’s coming.” Bayron warned as he took position next to the queen. He gave a stiff bow. It seemed forced, unnatural. She knew he didn’t like the plan. Both of them had little choice in the matter.
The queen returned the gesture with a slight nod of her head. She wanted to do more. So much more. Though, she couldn’t bring herself to do so. The weight of the burden she carried was far too great to allow much more than proprietary notions.
“Let him come.” Despite the way her body buzzed with need of escape, instead of facing down her fate and the weight of his betrayal, her voice didn’t waver. “Everything’s in place, I trust?”
“Yes, my Queen,” Bayron replied.
She took a deep breath and nodded. A warm tear betrayed her composure and threatened a constant stream as it fell along her cheek. It left a path of ice in its wake, against the cold storm breeze and the chill within her heart.
Bayron lifted his hand to wipe away the tear, and quickened the queen’s pulse with anticipation. But he hesitated. The look in his eyes spoke of longing and need. Graciously, he refused to verbalize his feelings. Instead he lowered his hand and moved to stand near the balcony.
Lightning flashed repeatedly. It crackled and crashed to the ground all around them. The time had arrived.
“You must leave me now, Bayron,” the queen spoke evenly. She kept her back to him, afraid to watch him go. It would prove too much for her. She would surely back down and let the people suffer from her actions while she happily indulged in them.
“As you wish,” he said. The shuffle of his footsteps led away from her to the hidden door in the wall that sealed so completely it was unnoticeable. Not even the queen’s betrothed knew it of its existence.
Before the door made its final seal, with Bayron on the other side, the queen quickly turned and said, “Wait!”
Bayron looked over his shoulder with questioning in his eyes. The light behind them hinted at something else. He turned to face the queen completely, his features softened as he noticed that she had been crying. “Yes, my Lady?”
She hesitated as her eyes caught the flickering light of torches in the secret corridor. It shone on the stone walls, illuminating a path she desperately wanted to go down, with him. Her heart panged painfully within her chest. It wouldn’t do to have second thoughts now. She had to do what she must, to save her people. “Thank you, for remaining by my side. Even when I didn’t believe you.”
“Always.” His voice flowed smoothly over to the queen, softer than propriety would allow. One of the few times he showed his true feelings towards the queen. He placed his fist over his heart and bowed slightly at the waist. With one last look, Bayron disappeared behind the stone door, sealing so perfectly no hint of its existence could be found.
The queen closed her eyes and then turned back to face the door to her room. She took a few slow and deep breaths to help regain her resolve. “The hardest part is over,” she told herself.
She lifted a trembling hand and gripped a post of her bed. The wood felt moist and cold to her fingers. It was enough of a distraction to help her to focus on it instead of what was to come next. The storm’s center moved overhead, filling the queen with powerful energy, coursing through her veins.
Then, the door to her chamber opened, revealing a man in a hooded red cloak. She could barely discern the line of his jaw as a flash of lightning filled the room. Her heart palpitated. The flux in energy forced her to bite her lip and grip the bedpost harder.
“Send you little errand boy away, did you?” His deep voice raised the hairs along the queen’s arms and back of her neck. His words dripped with venom.
“That has little importance to the issue at hand, Rael.” She managed the words without a shake.
His chuckle sent a chill down her spine, spreading a tingling sensation through her. A warning. “Whatever plan you’ve conjured up, it won’t work. You must know that by now.” He took slow, steady steps toward the queen. “It has already failed. You’ve lost.”
The queen’s words came out as evenly as she could muster, “You will get what you deserve in the end.” She removed herself from the bedpost, standing straight with her palms outward. “When you face the gods.”
Rael’s steps became sudden and swift, as if he had realized the queen’s intent. His hand poked out from beyond his cloak revealing a dagger. Before he could deliver it, the queen looked up toward the ceiling, raised her arms, and became one with the storm.

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