#workshop feedback and a #pitch

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I want to talk about what I had learned from the fabulous workshop hosted by my good friend Rebecca Hamilton.  I’m still working through all the information and applying it. Let me just say, wow! If you weren’t able to go, you missed out on a ton of information! I’m hearing murmurs about a workshop next year, so you’ll have something to plan and look forward to now!

First thing that I absolutely loved was  this workshop was completely online. I’ve attended workshops at conferences before. But let me tell you, the difference is making me a believer in the online version. The “in person” workshops, particularly ones embedded into conferences, are about 2 hours in length at most (in my experience. I’ve only been able to attend the local ones. I can’t speak for ones that go over a day or two). Those usually only cover one facet of a concept, and there’s not much time to get deep into the information and make sure the info. has sunk in. Obtaining feedback is nearly impossible. Once it’s over, I’ve spent hours hoping I took good enough notes (often not, which is a bummer).

With the Quality Book Works Workshop, it was “work at your pace.” And there was ample time to gain feedback through critique and questions.  There was enough time to take all the information in and spend as much time learning from each topic. Though I didn’t get the chance to participate in each lesson offered, I was still able to take the information for later.  I was more concerned with the final polishing, pitch critiquing, marketing, and some other little tid-bits that I wanted to brush up on.

I absolutely love that I didn’t feel like I was competing for attention. Everyone was friendly and participated with respect and maturity that I don’t often find in forums. It didn’t feel crowded. And feedback received was timely and very informative. Not only that, but I wasn’t ridiculed or insulted for making common mistakes or being too excited (it’s happened before). I felt right at home with everyone.

The topics where geared towards marketing, character development, grammar blunders, promoting, presence, plot development, conflict development, POV, bestseller secrets, spicy scenes, world building, etc. Every class was taught by people who know their stuff!

I’m telling you, there was so much information! It was hard to fit it all into a week. As I said, I’m still working through all the information but I’m so glad  I attended.  If you ever want to look into doing next year’s workshop, you’ll want to follow them and even Miss Hamilton (I’ve linked the names). The value of the workshop compared to the amount of information I received made the deal so much sweeter.

I really can’t say enough good . . . I loved every moment of it. I’m rather sad that it’s over.

But enough about that. On to my second topic . . .

I pitched!


The Dark Ones has been pitched!!!

I’m really nervous.  And not sure when I should expect to hear back. The idea that it could take 6 mos. is daunting (according to some authors pitching to other agencies) but I know that it’s all for the best.

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