10 #facts about #HeartSong You Probably Didn’t Know

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With the pending re-release of Heart Song, I thought it would be neat to share some facts about the world and story. Here are 10 you probably didn’t know:

1. The Cyr Gypsies  (pronounced “sires”) are a group of  bandits, similar to what a gang is nowadays. I based them off of human trafficking and slavery.  They also hold the style of a harem with a Middle-Eastern influence.  The pictures below are what the girls sent to the Cyrs would be forced to wear.

xiomara smirk small Belly Dance













Images courtesy of Google.

2. My werewolves don’t shift into wolves, but a humanoid blend. Think of the condition and you’ll be pretty close.

dark-survivors-1 dark-survivors-2








Images courtesy of Google.

werewolf werewolf-3













Images courtesy of this DeviantArt user.

3.  I wanted something different than the everyday vampire/werewolf stories. Heart Song’s vampires are a group known as the Denai. They are powerful human wizards who either stole power through drinking human blood or transcended into energy, gaining the ability to absorb the essence of any living creature they touched.

4. I based my model of Marren off of a great humanitarian, actor, and writer, Jay Tavare.

Marren Marren2 jaytavare









Images courtesy of Google.

5. I didn’t find my model for Relena (rather the person who fit my idea of her) until two years after Heart Song was originally released. Gemma Arterton fits her perfectly!









6. I never planned for Danst to die.

7. The fairytale I touched on within the story is, believe it or not, Beauty and the Beast, which prompted my first ever dive into NaNoWriMo. I started this story on November 1, 2010 while watching the movie with my kids and wondered what it would be like if Belle had been less of a damsel in distress and more of a heroine.  I never once thought it would be my first published story as well.

8. I use the Cherokee language in the book because it was beautiful. I also was misinformed by my late grandfather we were descended from the tribe. In fact, I am from the Lakota tribe (on my grandfather’s side. I have some NA on my father’s side, but he doesn’t know what tribe). In this same fact, I had brought quite a bit of Native American influence into the story because it is a part of me and who I am. I wanted to bring that to the world.

9. I’m also very Irish (more than Native American), which is why I brought in Gaelic and Enid.

10.  A lot of the details in settings were inspired by one of my favorite games, Guild Wars. Most especially, the mountain village on the immortal realm.

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