#Obstacles and #writing: How to poison and remedy a character

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Today, I thought I would celebrate the reveal of the third and final Nepherium cover by talking about one of the bigger conflicts within the overall plot of the series and discuss how I overcame that challenge. Don’t worry, it shouldn’t take too long.

The first poison is brodifocaum. I had done a bit of research into this one. It’s a poison used in pesticides today. Imagine what it would be like in 240 years. The only way, according to my research, to combat this poison is vitamin K.

Arsenic is the second poison. Potassium is the recommended treatment for this poison.

I had a handful of other poisons I used vaguely through Echoes of Memories that were complex mushroom poisons of which a series of other vitamins and minerals would be used to combat the symptoms.

Each one of the poisons I chose to give my characters made it so that, in combination, it would become nearly fatal for them. I needed something that that would make them very sick but still able to come back from their illnesses and also throw a wrench in the system as Noah was suffering from something else of which is discovered later. It took me about three months of research and consulting a medical professional (who is also a writer and mentioned in the acknowledgements of Echoes of Memories) to get down exactly what I needed/wanted for this complication and still had the ability (given the assumed advances in technology and medicine for 240 years in the future) to have my characters pull through in the end.  See? I’m not completely heartless.

So now you know how to poison and remedy a character as done by me in Echoes of Memories. Don’t forget to check out the cover of Forced to Remember and look for the book trailer to come out by the end of the month!



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