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As much as I hate to do this, because it’s blasting my personal life all over the universe, I feel like I owe my fans a little explanation of what’s been going on and why I’ve been so spotty lately.

Truth be told, a little over two years ago, my ex-husband came out to me as trans. This was amidst some pretty tough trials in our relationship. Needless to say, my marriage failed. This spring, I ┬ámoved to a different town with my three kids. We are doing well, and I have moved on in my life. However, things have been quite the adjustment with everything and that’s not changing soon. I’m looking at moving again in the near future (within a month or two). Because of the transitions and whatnot, my presence has been, and will continue to be for a time, spotty. Have no fear, though. I’m still around, working on edits for clients and polishing Forced to Remember for publishing. Please know that until things are settled and much calmer, I will continue to be spotty. Stick with me, loves. You are not forgotten, and I have not disappeared.

Without going into too much detail, I hope this works as a suitable explanation of things going on. Keep tracking me, though. I’m sure you’ll start to see more of me very soon. Please know that I am every grateful for your continued support and love even despite my virtual absence. You mean the world to me.


The fact that my ex is becoming a woman was not the only reason for our marriage failing. It was just one side of it. I have no qualms or reservations toward the LGBTQ community and have always been a supporter of equal rights, regardless. I’m also a very big supporter of gay marriage and have a number of gay friends. So, please, don’t mistake my message above as me being the type of person who stands against the LGBTQ community. I will also not tolerate hateful comments regarding that community. Though my marriage has failed, I’m still friends with my ex and remain supportive of her and her transition and she is still very much involved in our kids’ lives.

Just felt like I needed to say that.

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