September #Update on #Goals

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OI VEY! What a roller-coaster ride life has been recently. I promise that things will be slowing down soon, though. I’ve got a move coming up in about 2 weeks and will finally be in an environment that will be much more relaxing and conducive to working and getting my life back on track. :)

So, yeah . . . August didn’t have a post on my goals. I’m hoping to get better at that for at least the rest of the year. Hopefully.

Anyhow, here was July’s goals:

  • Collaboration with M.Y. and K.C. — There has been a falling out with myself and M.Y., as unfortunate as it is, this means this project is officially on hold. K.C. and I are finishing up some pending projects and will get together on where to go next on this.
  • Have first AND second rounds of edits done of Forced to Remember
  • Polish Forced to Remember
  • PUBLISH Forced to Remember (hoping to get it July 31st!) — Actually published on time! I’m still shocked I pushed hard enough to get that done with the way things have been around here. I’ll tell you what, though. I have MAD RESPECT for all those single moms out there who raised their kids (especially special needs ones, like I have) all on their onesies. Props to you wonder women of the world.
  • Prepare the box set for Nepherium — Actually, no. I’m going to work on this at the first of the year if not December, following NaNoWriMo, of which I am currently unsure if I will get a chance to do. I hope so!
  • Edit and send Blood Awakening to Alpha readers — Actually this is probably getting put off to next year as well. I’m setting my focus on The Dark Ones (cover reveal soon).
  • Tackle Fated — Waiting on this too. *sigh* have to have priorities, ya know?
  • Catch up on some reading — Bwahahahaha! What is that? Is that something that requires the use of the mystical “free time?”
  • Get The Dark Ones prepared for edits — My lovely friend and editor, Rainy Kaye, has my MS and I’m so excited to see what she thinks (we’ve got something in the works, here. Shh! It’s a secret!).
  • Plan for NaNoWriMo (likely not going to happen, but I can try!) — About that . . .

Now that you’ve got a look at what my last month (actually, last two months) looked like, here’s what this month looks like:


  • Collab with K.C. — As I’ve said above, this is currently on hold until further notice. Just so that K.C. and I can get some of our other pending projects done.
  • Prepare box set for Nepherium
  • Editing and send Blood Awakening to Alpha Readers
  • Tackle Fated
  • Catch up on some reading
  • Plan for NaNoWriMo
  • Work through edits of TDO (pending receipt of MS)

Just to give you all an update on my current events in my life, I’m moving to Kansas City, MO this month. That means that things are going to be tight as far as time goes, but I will be back to my normal (pre-divorce, pre-separation) schedule by the end of the month. This means you will start to see more and more of me. :) I’m also turning 34 on the 9th! Gotta do something to celebrate!


I hope you all have had a wonderful summer and look forward to connecting with you through all my various social networks. Your thoughts, love, and support is what has helped keep me pulling through in my difficult transitory stage of life. Thank you so much for that and never giving up on me!

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