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Today, I’m going to talk about time travel books and shows, and the Masters of Time Anthology (of which I have the honor of being a part of).

One of the most awesome of awesome shows that I have enjoyed watching is Continuum. I started the show after its release via Netflix and have tried to catch an episode here and there whenever I can. Sadly, life has taken me on a different journey which makes tv watching (particularly on my own) almost impossible. Still, I love the idea and concept of the show. You have your “cop” from the future who is thrown into the past via an event which has tell-tale signs of a huge setup. The show is exciting and builds on the previous each time. Reveals are slow, but if you pay attention, you can make connections to what is going on before the events themselves are revealed. Some hate it. Some don’t. I rather enjoy seeing if I’m right or wrong. I also can’t forget the amazing twists!

Will the heroine make it back to her own time? I don’t know, though I’m sure there are those who have seen the show through and can answer that better than me. Not that I’m inviting that. Oh, no. I want to find out for myself!

This story is similar to my short story, Ghost of Time, included in the Masters of Time anthology. January Fogarty is an agent who travels back in time to catch unscrupulous villains from changing the future that she knows to be her present. One mission doesn’t go as planned. After being nearly fatally injured by her target, she’s nursed back to health and soon discovers that not everything was as she thought it to be. Betrayal, corruption, and uncovered truths will make getting back to her time a little more tricky than she had hoped—-if not impossible.

Masters of Time also features other amazing stories by five amazing authors.

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