#Pinterest: My #howto on #keepinglifesane and other nifty #ideas

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Next week I’m going to introduce a 5-part series of blog posts featuring the ever-popular pinning site, Pinterest.

I know some people have yet to get on board (no pun intended) with the awesomeness that is Pinterest, but I’m here to help convince you that it can help out in many ways. I’ll be discussing my “normal” boards which I use for family and regular life, as well as, how to use it to keep track of things book related.

Pinterest is simple to use, which I love the most. Not only that, but you can share boards between multiple pinners or even lock some down and use them privately. However, one of the things I absolutely love about Pinterest is its versatility for all things from crafting, cooking, life hacks, all the way up to… yes! Bookish things!

So, keep your eyes on this blog for my prescheduled posts (so I don’t forget), regarding the various boards that I use and how they help keep life a little bit simpler. To keep things easier on YOU, I’m including links to each post as well as the dates on when they will be available.

Please Note: Links to post that have not yet gone live will not be available until the day of. Keep that in mind when clicking on links!


May 19th- My Everyday, Helpful #Pinterest Boards

May 26th- Oh the Pretties! My Favorite Boards of #Pinterest

June 9th- Craftiness and Other Helpful Boards on #Pinterest

June 16th- Writerly Boards of #Pinterest

June 23rd- Vision Boards and #self-help Boards of #Pinterest

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