My Everyday, Helpful #Pinterest Boards

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This is the first post in my #Pinterest series. And I thought, what better place to start than with the everyday stuff?

Ever struggle with what to make for dinner, keeping track of those awesome gift ideas, or maybe keeping a comprehensive list of some products you’d like to eventually try?

Me too. Believe me, you are not alone.

So, with this post, I’m going to show you my boards that help with my everyday type things with pictures and links!



Finding something new to try for dinner has never been easier with Pinterest. Simply start a board, label it something you find catching or precise to remind you of what it contains, then start pinning! There is an endless (well, it seems that way) supply of pins you can add to this very board alone. Clicking on the pin will send you to the site with the recipe.

If you visit the board, you can see I have a wide variety of pins from the healthy sort all the way to the fanciest (to me) of deserts. I’ve relied on this board for many a meal, and it just keeps on growing! This is simply my number one go-to for picky-eaters and fresh, new ideas.

I even have a gluten-free board for those of us on food restrictions or paleo-dieters and a Vi shake for those who have tried, plan to try, or currently on the program (I’m not affiliated with the Vi business and they did not ask nor are paying me for this plug. I’ve simply tried the program and found some delicious shakes that I’ve loved. Never had the heart to take the board down).

gluten-free nums

Gluten Free Nums


Body by Vi Nums

Body by Vi Nums






Products I Love

products I love

A developing board, for sure. But still a useful one!



This is the last board that I’m going to feature in this first post. My household loves and adores the holidays, but our absolute fav. is Halloween. By all means, anyone can create a board dedicated to each holiday (another reason Pinterest is so awesome), but for me and my family (not to mention the purpose of this post), I’m focusing on this one.

Go ahead and take a gander, get some ideas, then start creating your own board!

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