Craftiness and Other Helpful Boards on #Pinterest

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This week’s post is all about the other kinds of things that some of us more crafty, hands-on types love to do, or want to plan to do in the future.



Need I say more? I mean, come on! Look at the awesomeness of this board!

For the Home

for the hme

Unless you are an interior decorator (well, maybe even if then), you may have come up with a block on what to do with the space you call home. Thus, my board was born.

Engagement Photo Ops

photo op

At one point, I was looking into taking up photography and volunteered myself and my camera to work with someone at their wedding. That plan has since fell through, but the board could prove useful to someone or even myself someday.



Ah! My love of ink! Shame I don’t have more. I really need to fix that. And this is why I have this board. It’s a useful tool to base my own personal style and ideas for new pieces.



Another multi-purpose board of mine that I use to collect some of my favorite pins and works of art.

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