Writerly Boards of #Pinterest

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Where would I be as a writer/editor without the awesome tips and tricks provided by #Pinterest? Honestly, this keeps things super organized in one convenient location for me to go to, add to, or even plan out new works for.

Inspiration for WIPs


I love the idea that I can put anything that gets my creativity going on one convenient board then move them to book specific boards as needed.

Visual Prompts


This is my board I use when I can’t seem to get my mind going on current WIPs.



This is a collection of things I either have done or would really love to do/have for my own books.

Science Fiction


This is a board dedicated to all things syfy and Nepherium.

Writing Tips

writing tips

I love this board simply because it holds so much awesome information. Everything from plot templates, character interviews, to editing tips and tricks. Check it out and feel free to repin anything you see useful too!

Heart Song

Heart Song

I’ve dedicated this one solely for Heart Song. Want an idea on what specific characters in my book look like (at least close to it)? Go here.


Books worth Reading


Love books too? Put yours (if you’re an author) and your favs on one, easy-to-find board and share with all your friends! These are mine!



I used this board to compile things of a fantastic nature. I love that I can use this for inspiration or even just to hold pretty little pieces of art that hold my attention and speak to me.


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