Sinister Little Overture

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Alexis is used to turning heads with her looks and capturing attention with her unmatched piano skills. They’ve allowed her to travel the world, take any man she wanted, and live in the fast lane.

However, when she runs into her former flame, Travis McGregor, her skills at playing the game of seduction will be put to the test. She can’t deny how he makes her feel, and he has only gotten better–and perhaps even more experienced–with age.

As Alexis toys with the idea of picking up where they left off, she must come to terms with the one thing holding her back–her husband. Add in an unexpected house guest, the immature, lustful, yet sexy Hunter Bradford, matters quickly become more complex.

Some yearnings are fleeting. Others are an all-consuming fire.

Alexis is dangerously close to the flames, and it feels good.



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About the Author

Who is Scarlett Rayne?
She’s my alter ego, my sidekick that ‘assists’ me with writing while I sit in front of my laptop and open the word document. She whispers ideas to me at the most least opportune time (when I am in the shower, driving a car or better yet, sleeping!) Regardless, she is a part of me and there is no getting rid of her. Because she is me.
I created the pseudonym for the purpose of writing. Not to say my real name isn’t all that, at least not for the world of weaving stories of intrigue and mystery, painting scenes of steamy sexual play or recreating exotic far off places—all for the Reader. Scarlette Rayne seemed a fitting enough name as an author who can bring you such lovely entertainment.
Growing up, I had a reading problem, but I never let that dampen my love of escaping into a fantastic piece of literature. It’s mostly what I do, and if I have the time, it’s only what I do (within reason because there are other responsibilities in Life). I had devoured the entire ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ series by the Late Steig Larson in a month. I consumed Jeff Lindsay’s ‘Dexter’ series in about two months (say for just two more books—one which recently came out that I need to get my hands on). But there were instances where time didn’t permit me to plow through such works. It took me nearly a year to read Any Rand’s ‘Atlas Shrugged’ and six months to read Stephen Kings’ ‘The Stand.’ Despite not being a lengthy novel, it took me four months to read Ernest Hemingway’s ‘A Moveable Feast.’
I read for the joy and fun it brings me. But I also read to inspire me with my own works; never daring to compare myself to the wonderful Stephen King nor the amazing Ernest Hemingway (two of my favorite authors of all time). If I compared myself to them or any others before me, I would have gotten off this road a long time ago. I read for You, the Reader, so I can write great works of fiction for You. Reading makes me a better writer and it motivates me to continue on despite my time being held by something else in Life that needs my attention.
I am an equal opportunity genre reader—I read from all sorts from crime thrillers to erotica, paranormal to horror and I was a big reader many years ago of romance.
To be really candid, my name is Cathy. I sometimes go by Cat. I grew up in New York, but lived in Florida, Georgia and Colorado! I now reside somewhere in North Carolina! Hoping to rub elbows with another great writer, Nicholas Sparks! I have recently gotten into his works and so far have read nine of his book!! I love horses, the fall season, the color black, coffee, wine and chocolate. I prefer rainy days to sunny ones. I prefer the mountains to the ocean, although I can appreciate what the beach on any given day. I am a wife, mother, an awesome friend, a cool sibling, business entrepreneur and an author!
So there you have it, a little bit about me, the Author. Please, if you have the time in your own Life, you can see me blog about the method to my madness at: HYPERLINK

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