Quick Note! #update #goals #week 5-6

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I’m horrible at remembering things. I literally have to write stuff down in my planner that I forget to look at for days on end… Ugh. Send an intervention.


I’m proud to announce Sin Eater is complete and the final touches are getting ready to be added. That means we get to do the fun stuff, like organize blog tours. You can sign up for Sin Eater’s blog tour here. Please do! Please, please, please!

Okay, begging is unattractive, but I’m not to proud! Moving on…

I’ve added more to my list of things to do.

DO is still in progress.

I’ve started a project with a group of authors called Genre Sampler. More on that later…

I’m ┬ástill working out the outlining and brainstorming of the cyborg story.

I’m doing something new with Ithia!

Thanks for stopping by and checking in! Please share with your friends!


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