New Location = New Life #changeforthebetter

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Long time. I know, I’m horrible. You all are probably sick and tired of hearing that. But, if you will let me, I’ll explain.

Kansas City, MO was hard. Yes, that can be said of every location. However, I struggled to feed myself and my kids for the past 2 years of my life. There was no money. No credible, sustainable jobs for a mom of 3 special needs, and none for my boyfriend either. Keith and I were lucky to eat once a day. Everything went to the kids. We survived (barely) on food banks. According to the state of MO, we made too much in income for food stamps. Well, if they only looked at how high the cost of living was, then maybe things would’ve been different. Be that as it may, we were constantly stressed. I couldn’t focus on any work half the time (which is why I have failed on my goals with Kayla Curry). Kids acted out because they fed off our stress. In May, we lost our internet, were on the verge of loosing water and electricity. We didn’t pay those things because we wanted to buy food. Good food. Food banks there (FYI),  are full of unhealthy foods, high in sodium or next to expiring (if not already).

Needless to say, things rapidly hit BELOW rock bottom.

Finally, on June 1st of this year, Keith and I made the decision to sell what we could, pack what we needed, and leave the rest behind.

Our plan was to put everything into a storage unit and then camp or stay with family until we could relocate back to Kansas, to a spot where we didn’t continuously struggle. What happened, though, was completely (though probably a bit hyperbole), a miracle.

We went to Topeka, where Keith’s daughter lives, hoping to move closer to her (and put us both closer to our families). We happened across a little add on Craigslist (go figure, it was legit after all), for exactly what we needed: a 4 bedroom, 1 1/2 bathroom home in Burlingame, KS.  I even have an office! We are very close to both sides of the family,  and in such a small, peaceful town.  We signed the lease on the 1st, moved in on the 10th, and have been here since.

Unfortunately, moving was expensive, so I had to put off getting net until this month. I have it now… sort of. When it works, it works great. It just doesn’t work all the time. Which I’m not going to complain about. Yet.

This may not the place for good paying jobs ( rather, easily found ones), but for what it’s worth, we have nearly half our monthly income left over each month now (guestimate, because, we’re only in our second month here).  We can afford food. We can pay our bills and have some left over each month. Now, FINALLY, we can even get ahead. Extra jobs aren’t exactly needed immediately.

So, no more excuses. No more reasons to keep putting off things I probably should have done if I had the sense (or strength) to do it. Here I am. Back in Kansas. Closer to family. We have a new life, a fresh start, and are eager to get back to living the good life.


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