$5.00 Social Media Promotions

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Interested in a quick promo or bump to sales for only $5 each? Read on . . .

Thunderclap/Headtalker Campaigns

I’ll set up a campaign of your choice for you and seek out the support and hits myself. All you have to do is tell me when you want your campaign to tip, what you want it to cover, any images and links you want to have included, and I’ll do the rest.

My social media reach is 3,342 and climbing followers on twitter, over 500 and climbing on on Facebook.


Thunderclap- 3 week minimum to fully set up and gain enough supporters to tip (100 supporters minimum).

Headtalker- 2 week minimum to fully set up and gain enough supporters to tip (50 supporters minimum).

Book Feature

I’ll feature any one of your books on my blog for one week, tweeting and promoting daily. All you have to do is provide buy links, cover image, blurb, author bio,  a teaser/sample, and any other information needed. Book trailers are always a plus!

My posts go live to Goodreads ( 100+), Google+ (over 300), Facebook (500+), and Twitter (3k+)

Must have 1 week to schedule post.

New Release Promotion

Similar to the book feature promotion, you’ll send me the same info with the release date, plus I’ll set up a Facebook Release Party for you. Must have 4 weeks to schedule and set up.

Twitter and Facebook Posting

You send me up to 10 premade posts for Twitter and Facebook, I’ll run them daily for an entire week.

I must have 2 weeks minimum to get set up and ready.

Newsletter Feature

Send me your book cover image, blurb, links, and author info, and I’ll post them to my newsletter for you. Only one spot per month (so my followers don’t feel spammed).

I currently have over 500 subscribers. Must have 1 week before scheduled slot.


You have the item, let me do the footwork. I’ll set up the form and links, plus promote the giveaway on this site, plus daily posts on various social media outlets. You tell me what requirements you have, send me necessary information (such as links), and how long you want this giveaway to run. I use Rafflecopter. :) Must have 3 weeks to set up.


Sign up here!


Please note that this pricing is only introductory.  All authors are served on a first come/first served basis. If the slot you chose is already taken for the time you selected, I will have you select a secondary one. All promotions will be paid for before service is completed and invoiced via Paypal. The signup form must be completed in its entirety. You may choose more than one option, however, each option is only $5. 

Coming Soon!

Keep an eye out here for new pricing, bulk/bundled options, and other options.

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