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Editing is probably the single most important step in polishing a manuscript. Whether it’s for self-publishing or sending out to agents, making sure your manuscript is in tip-top shape is impossible to do on your own. In today’s market, there are tons of editors out there who charge small fortunes for quality work. Not everyone can afford it. I recognize that. Having come from the very bottom of the pile and scraping pennies together to pay for edits, I know firsthand how hard it is to find a quality and affordable editor. That’s why my fees are so low. My fees won’t break your bank and you’ll get an edited manuscript that will either meet or exceed your expectations.

See my editing bio here.

Fees as of August 1, 2016

Flat Rates

Flash Fiction (up to 1,000 words): $5.00

Short Story (between 2,500 and 5,000 words): $10.00

Short Story (between 5,000 and 7,500 words): $20.00

Developmental/Copy Editing: $o.oo5/word for all novels over 7,500 words.

Sample Edits (First chapter only. Prologues accepted if agreed upon in advance. In other words, ask!): $25.00**

**Fee deductible from total amount pending agreement. This is not available for shorts or flash pieces.**

Things I look for:

  • weak prose
  • inconsistent and/or stiff characters
  • inconsistent plot
  • sentences that need strengthened and/or rewritten
  • contrived dialogue
  • word usage (pertaining more to uncommon words or words with uncommon uses)
  • correct formatting of dialogue and manuscript
  • tense slips
  • POV slips
  • character inconsistencies
  • correct comma usage
  • other grammatical flaws
  • pacing
  • passive voice
  • setting inconsistencies

If your characters don’t sound like themselves, I’ll point that out.

If the dialogue doesn’t fit, I’ll tell you.

If there is a scene or two that doesn’t fit or is too slow, I’ll mark it.

If there is a scene that just doesn’t make sense, I’ll mention it.

Anything that sticks out to me and should be corrected, I will point out to you.


Need one last pair of eyes on that manuscript before it goes live?

I’ll look over your manuscript for any final changes and revisions to make, and ensure your manuscript is ready for the eyes of readers. This includes keeping an eye out for anything that may have been overlooked by previous edits.

I’m the extra set of eyes to catch any stragglers.

My fee is $.003/word



All edits require a 6-week minimum return. Should you need a sooner return, the following fees will be added to the total cost of the edits.

4 week return: $125.00

2 week return: $250.00

All proofreads require a 4-week minimum return. Should you need a sooner return, the following fees will be added to the total cost of the edits.

3 weeks or less: $75.00


I reserve the right to refuse services to anyone. I also reserve the right to withhold the reasons why. However, negative conduct is the number one reason I will refuse to work with any particular author. 

Additionally: If I feel like I wouldn’t be a good fit for your work, please accept that it is in the best interest of your manuscript. Don’t continue to email me with reasons why  you want me to edit for you. They will go unanswered and ignored. It’s not flattering. Please don’t.

It is imparative that I know what deadlines you are working with in advance (i.e. when you schedule with me). I have had to update my turnaround times due to increased business. As such, rush jobs are possible, but will require additional fees (listed above).

I accept payment through Paypal only , due at time of service . I am willing to work with you on payment, but arrangements must be made in advance, before edits start, and 1/2 of the fees will be required.

I work on one manuscript at a time to ensure that your work is given my complete attention and lessens the likelihood of mistakes. Therefore, manuscripts are accepted on a first come, first served basis.

I will work with you through the edits, and after the MS has been returned to you, answering questions and double checking the corrections you’ve made.

I will not accept translated manuscripts or any manuscripts that are not written in Standard American English or British English (special circumstances). *Note: this does not include manuscripts written in American English that made use of different languages as a part of the world building.*

I offer discounted prices for special occasions and instances. Redeemable at my discretion.

My intention is to help you polish your work and make it the best it can be while not breaking the bank. I want to be a part of your team.  Use the Contact Me form for further information, or if you have any questions. Please be specific on what you want from me.


I require all manuscripts to be turned in Microsoft Word format. This way I can use the Track Changes feature. It’s a big help for when I return the manuscript to you. You can chose which changes to accept and which ones to reject. I will accept  manuscripts through Open Office. Be aware the acceptance of such manuscripts are subject to higher fees, as they are more difficult to edit in that program.

I operate a digital platform. I’m all for saving the environment when and where I can. Therefore I will not accept paper manuscripts. However, you are welcome to print your edited manuscript and work with that.


I’m open to Young Adult, New Adult,  and Adult fiction novels in the following genres: Sci-fi, Fantasy, Erotic, and definitely any of these with romantic elements. I do enjoy some Horror and Suspense but you must contact me for my level of interest. Please note these will only be done sporadically as my preferences are those listed above. I will not take on non-fiction projects other than memoirs or creative non-fiction. Please contact me for interest with any other genres.

Now, what can you expect from me as your Editor?

I will read through for grammar, correct spelling, and punctuation. This includes some fact checking and some reference checking for correct usage and spelling of words not normally used.

I will ensure that there are no flaws in character such as hair color, behavior, etc.

I will also keep in mind the overall scene development; making sure that the right characters are standing when they should, sitting when they should; not sitting one second and standing across the room the next with no hint of movement.

I will include general inquiries to consider regarding the plot as well as general commentary.

I will make suggestions for change as well as suggest areas to rewrite.

I will include links to reference sites for your benefit.

My goal is to give you as thorough of an edit as possible. I will work with you to ensure your manuscript as at its best.

I offer appointment times to speak “face to face” via skype or Google Hangouts. Additional fees are applicable unless otherwise arranged.

I will always follow Chicago Manual of Style’s rules.

What can you NOT expect from me as your Editor?

I will not degrade or put you or your work down. It is not in my nature to make you feel inadequate as a writer. I’m also a writer. I know how that feels.

I will not be critical in my criticisms. For very much the same reason as above, but also for the fact that I know you are human, you make mistakes, and if you are anything like me, you get lost in your work and lose sight of the technical stuff. That is what you’re hiring me for, after all.

I won’t change your voice or purpose of your story.

I will NOT deviate from your overall vision of your manuscript.

I cannot stress this enough: my goal is to help you polish your manuscript. When you hire me as your editor, you are inviting me to be a part of your team. Let me help you bring out the best of your work.

I will not deviate from the rules outlined in the Chicago Manual of Style.


Emerald Barnes– Author of Read Me Dead and Piercing Through the Darkness:

I recently came across Samantha through a forum while looking for a beta reader.  I was fortunate enough to she said yes to beta read for me.

When I received the manuscript back, Samantha had caught mistakes that I hadn’t noticed, and she pointed out confusing statements, things that didn’t make sense, and sentences or paragraphs that she didn’t think worked in the story as a whole.

She was better at finding mistakes and making suggestions than an editor I worked with previously.  Samantha even made herself available to me at any time to discuss any questions I had.

She was not demeaning about my work in any way and was more than helpful in her assessments of my novel.  I plan on going back to her for more reading if she’ll continue.  She provided more than enough feedback,  good and constructive, throughout the novel.

I don’t think you’ll  regret working with her at all.  I don’t.

Makayla Yokley– Author of The Ruby Curse, Book One of The Violet Chronicles:

I had the honor of having Samantha LaFantasie as a beta reader over the summer of 2012 for my novel ‘The Ruby Curse’, and it wouldn’t have been anywhere near publishing quality if she hadn’t looked at it.

She looks at everything objectively and knows how to give a review of something that leaves the person understanding what they did wrong but not feeling down about having to make the changes at all. She has a good grasp of how a plot should flow, what makes characters believable— everything a person would want from someone who acts as a second pair of eyes on their work. She’s kind when she gives her opinions, and makes sure the person understands that they are just HER opinions and that they can take them or leave them as they see fit.

I’m definitely going to keep going back to her again and again for my future works.

Annie Welch– Author of Marigny Street

For someone like me, who was terrified of allowing a stranger to critique my book, I didn’t know where to turn to find a reader I could trust. Thankfully, I took a chance and asked Samantha to beta for me. And I couldn’t be happier that I did. She was honest and thoughtful in her review, and I knew I had found someone I could trust to beta for all of my books!

Scott Moon– Author of Enemy of Man

I have always strove to improve my craft, but now seemed like the time to take it to the next level and hire a paid editor. In today’s market, competition demands excellence. I shopped the internet for months before finding Samantha LaFantasie. She completed a sample edit quickly and professionally. Her fees are more than fair, so I took the plunge.

Samantha  returned the manuscript in two weeks.Writers who have worked with professional editors can probably guess my initial reaction. I found myself staring at a wealth of information, comments with detailed explanation, and identification of embarrassing inconsistencies I had not noticed, even though I self-edited and proof read the manuscript countless times.

Jesse Duckworth- Author of A Song of Betrayal

Samantha LaFantasie has been there for me every step of the way. I couldn’t have asked for more in an editor. She went out of her way in giving feedback, answering any questions I had, and helping me understand the writing world on a greater level. When she gave deadlines, she met them. And the level of editing you get for the price cannot be matched. I have spent a tremendous amount of time looking for the right editor, and if it’s up to me, I definitely plan on keeping this one.

Contact Me

Please put the type of edit you are wanting (proofread or edit) in the subject line. This will get you a more prompt response. Also please include: a brief synopsis of your manuscript including word count, if you have any time constraints, and any questions that you may have.

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