A Prescription for Delirium

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I’ve always had a thing for paranormal stories that feature demons, demon-hunters, and other creatures of the supernatural. What I loved most especially about this book is how the author portrayed and explained these in  a perfectly logical way, yet completely unique from other stories like this that I’ve read.

I also love the fact that Gabby is not an indestructible heroine. She has vulnerability, feelings, guilt, and she’s completely able to be hurt. She’s not so strong and untouchable that the story only shows how she makes it through. It’s quite the opposite. I spent the entire story wondering if she was going to make it through and how. I spent moments clinging to each word desperate to make it through the scene.

Another fabulous thing about this book is how it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Sure there’s a sex scene in it, and it’s pretty hot. But there are quite a few of uncomfortable scenes. Things that you want to look away from, but can’t. I was stuck there with Gabby, going through the same tortures she was. I felt her anxieties, desperation, and pain.

This book was so refreshing and emotionally impacting. It affected me and made me double check the locks and shine lights into the shadowy corners of my room and even check on my children to make sure they were still snuggled safely in their beds. The story made me think, and it made me FEEL. Miss Cosper did an excellent job on this novel. And I’m absolutely looking forward to the next installment of this series.


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