Circus of Lost Souls

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CoLS I have always been a fan of Becca Hamilton’s. However, this is is the first time I have read something belonging to Riley J. Ford’s. I have to say that I’m very pleased to have been given a copy of this book for review. I’m sad I didn’t start it sooner! Once I did, though, I couldn’t stop! I just had to know more. I had to know what was going to happen next, who was next, how was Myra going to come out of everything!

This is a darker read that had me jumping at shadows and re-instills my fear of clowns. Though that’s not all this story has to offer. I was thrilled, chilled, and kept awake for several hours after I stopped reading each night. This is what a good thriller/horror is supposed to do!

I loved the concept of this story. I love the conflict and tension. I even love how each character was pressed into their roles. Very active story. Incredibly detailed.  It really reached deep inside me and made my heart palpitate and my breaths quicken!

I especially am enticed by the ending being left open. Does Myra accomplish her goals? Do the members of the circus catch up to her? Is she ever commited again? Ah! So many questions! But that’s the point! It makes you think once the last word is written.

As always, I’m in love with Hamilton’s works and I think I’ve found  a new favorite author in Ford. You won’t be disappointed in this read!


*Note: A copy of this book was given in exchange for an honest review. This review will also appear on Goodreads and Amazon.

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