Disciple: Parts 1-3

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As I was asked to review all three at one time, I’m posting all three reviews on one page.
16038645 (1)This is a great tale written in first person of the main character Kate. She’s not the typical heroine, which is refreshing. She has a heart of gold, makes mistakes, and tries her best.
What struck me the most about this story is the concept. It reads very much like high fantasy, but is written into a novella. I think this could’ve been a much longer story and am grateful there is a trilogy.
I love anything that has a little love story to it and this one, though sad at the same time, was perfect for the story and very sweet. There wasn’t much of one, but the idea is still there and still resonates with me. I’m very curious to see how this pans out in the next two books.
I do think this ended rather abruptly, but again, there are two more books to read through, which doesn’t make the ending so painful to bare.
The language was a little rough in spots and some of the descriptions were a little confusing, and not in the way that they were written, but in the way of trying to wrap my mind around the author’s vision.
The story did start out slow, but before long, I was invested in the story and wanting to know more.
I definitely recommend this book for those who are fans of high fantasy with a little sweet love story added in.

17229248This was a good follow-up of the first book. The storyline is continued and the romance is just as curt and sweet as before only there was much more than I expected based on the beginning. Despite my brief disappointment from the beginning 40% or so, I’m quite pleased that the relationships and the troubles developed naturally and seemed realistic considering the world-building. This actually ended more abruptly than I expected it to, which is okay considering I have the third book to pick up immediately, thanks to the author requesting I review all three.

Though there was less action the tension was just as great. It was a great way to keep the momentum going and not lose any interest in the story itself. I was emotionally involved with the characters and a lot closer to them than before.

The horn things are still a bit confusing, but I’ve got a better grip on what they are and their purpose.

18331388For this being the third of a novella series, I thought this would be the last. It clearly isn’t. To be honest, with the way this third has gone, I’m a little worn. I don’t have much interest to read any future segments of this story. The third was much more complicated than I thought it should be. I was confused with the descriptions of the chaotic fight scenes. I had to continuously re-read parts to get a better understanding. Nevertheless, I’m not willing to completely give up on the series as a whole.

War is bloody and confusing and lacks anything of beauty. Therefore, the way this was basically written.

The romance aspect dwindled. The language increased and there were some interesting and odd encounters in this story that I thought were a bit on the awkward side.

Though this one was the least enjoyed of the three I agreed to review, it isn’t without its merits. There are still sweet parts to the story and heart-tugging moments that are full of emotion. Had there been a bit more romance to go with the increased lewd language, I think it would’ve easily met the same level of enjoyment as the first two.

*NOTE: All reviews were requested by author. A free copy of each book was given in exchange for an honest review. All reviews will appear on Goodreads and Amazon separately.

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