Disenchanted: The Celtic Vampyre Saga

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I love the vivid imagery. And in the beginning, I loved the rich language…but there comes a point when there’s too much. It’s different for each reader. Unfortunately, I couldn’t finish this book.

I felt like there were some things taken from me. Among those was leaving things to my own interpretation and imagination. This is by no way an insult to Mr. Farrell. However, nothing was left for me to see. Nearly every detail–every increment of emotion and movement–was described.

I truly believe he has a great story to be told, which could be picked out from within all the descriptions. It was just too heavy in that for me.

With the use of so many uncommon words, I felt almost like I was getting a lesson in vocabulary. I stumbled on a few places and ultimately couldn’t even make it to the half-way point.

Again, this is by no means a discredit to the author or his story. This is why I am not giving a star rating. I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review and as such, these are my personal thoughts and feelings on the story. Because I couldn’t finish the read, I don’t feel like I can honestly rate this book with fairness to both the author and other readers.

On a final note, I would like to emphasize that every reader is different. You may enjoy the language and story telling that Mr. Farrell has written and because of that, I encourage you to download at least a sample and try it out for yourself before you decide to pass on this read.

*Note* I received a free copy of of this book in exchange for an honest review. Cover image found onĀ this page.

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