Dream Student

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21795686Honestly, I’m a little on the fence with this story. There are so many good things to say about this but there are also a few more negative things. Depending on your preference as a reader, will depend on how you view those negative points.
It was a fast-paced plot, riddled with mystery, suspense, and even a bit of sex and strong language. The characters were developed well enough that I could easily see them as individuals and not cardboard cut-outs. They used “real” language too. Meaning, they didn’t walk around talking like they were afraid to cuss like normal college students do. They even acted like I would assume normal college students would by exercising their individuality, going to parties, clubs, dorm life, etc.
This is NA, which I absolutely loved. The main character is a med student trying to get through junior year while dealing with mysterious and terrifying dreams of murder. There are others dreams mixed in that are quite comical, but still believable. And I use believable in the sense that I could see things like this happening in the story’s world/within the context of the story.
I was pulled in. Mostly. I found myself wanting to read faster and faster at certain points which kept me turning the pages. The author did an excellent job of keeping up the suspense and character reactions to such suspense. Though, the points were slow in the reveal, which I felt went quite well with the fast-paced plot. It was well balanced and really nice. The fast-pace wasn’t rushed to the point I felt like things were going too fast. There were points that were slower, though I feel they were almost too slow at points. The parts that lost me were where it felt more like the character’s reactions felt forced at times and the same with some of the events in the story. Still, it kept me reading and guessing, which is what ultimately lead to my enjoyment of the story.
This wasn’t a fully dark story, nor was it all fluffy and tender-hearted, yet a combination of both, which I did enjoy as well.
Ultimately, this is one of those stories that surprised me and makes me glad the story continues as I do plan to eventually finish the series and see where the characters go and end up in the end.

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