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I loved this book.

I don’t think the errors should be placed on the author’s shoulders but her publishers. Given the chance to have correctly edited this piece, it would’ve been easily one of the most popular books out there. This author deserves credit for the effort she put into her work. She has such a great imagination and such a detailed and in depth story. I’m sorry there wasn’t more. I’ve never wanted to continue reading a book so badly. It stopped too soon.

Mrs. Centeno took some of the greatest preternatural creatures and made a sub-world of ours. And Enchanters are just a small but dying group of them. Leah, although a little hard to believe where her actions come from, had fallen in love with an Enchanter and given a glimpse inside a world she doesn’t belong.

I laughed at some of the spots in the book. It was interesting how she portrayed some of the oldest creatures of myth. I was also very intrigued when reading the story as a whole. I had formed my idea of what would happen around page fifty then endured more than seventy pages of story before the last thirty which was really information she could’ve added more to.

I feel this story wasn’t finished and the author certainly could’ve spent more time on some areas, and a little less on others. But the premise of the story is what I fell in love with. It’s that premise and the authors imagination that will keep me coming back to read more of her work.

It was truly an enjoyable read.  No, it’s not perfect and I truly believe this is beyond the author’s fault.  I hope that, should you give this book a chance, you fall in love as much as I did.


*NOTE: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Cover image can be found here.*

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