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13248057This is actually the first story, outside of my own (Heart Song), where I have seen the use of therianthrope used correctly. I have to commend the author on that. I’m impressed and very happy to see that term getting more use. This was a fast, easy read.  The story is very much something about change and breaking from the norm to bring about the change and how it sometimes comes about through chaos and war and loss.  There are definitely great merits to this story. The characters were unique with real problems and complex ideas. I felt most of them were well thought out and individual.  I could’ve used a little bit more from Fray’s circle. I definitely think this could’ve been a much longer story with more development, spending more time with the relationships and definitely more time on the conflict itself. There were parts that were very  short and intense. I think the author could’ve gone a little deeper with the plot. I feel like the main conflict was left too soon.  I think the concept  has potential and with a little more thought and work, this could be a great story.  There were points that drug on and some that still needs a bit more development.  With that being said, this is perfect for those rainy days for those who love shifter stories with strong, spicy female protagonists.

*NOTE: A free copy of this book was given in exchange for an honest review. Cover can be found here.*

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