Lotus Blossom Lane

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10009631_10203371466311108_1725824156_nThis is such a fabulous continuation of the previous story, Red Dirt Road. I was honored to be called upon to beta for this author again and never can be disappointed in Mrs. Welch’s work. She really knows how to dig deep and make the characters come alive. It’s almost as if the story plays itself out in my head. This was so hard to put down. The tensions, the history, the love, the betrayal, the symbolism—all of it—blended into this masterpiece of art. Such a beautiful way to keep Lola and Michael’s story going, starting with a long anticipated¬†wedding. You won’t be disappointed in this paranormal romance.


*Please Note: I am a beta reader of this story. A copy of this review will be found on Goodreads and Amazon.

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