Marigny Street

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Marigny StreetEbook

I beta’d this story and loved it. It gripped me on a number of levels. One is because I was a woman who experienced a loss of a child. Though my loss wasn’t as extreme as Eva’s, it was still painful and the hurt and thoughts were very powerful. That’s the other thing about Eva. She was real. All the characters were real. The weather was real. New Orleans was a character herself. The story was alive to me. It was as if I lived the story as I read. There was a very surprising twist that wasn’t expected and still has me reeling. The story still sticks with me to this day. Mrs. Welch has a talent. A true knack for symbolism and prose. I not only look forward to seeing her work in the future but I have no doubts that she will be setting new standards in this genre. You will not be sorry for picking this up.



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