Still Rock Water

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmailby feather This is a very different story than what I normally pick up. It’s much slower than I’m accustomed too and the language is European English.  That last part tends to be something that I loved about the book and what I think made it stand out from the other books I normally read.

This isn’t a story to read on one lazy afternoon. It’s too long, slow moving, and very emotional in places. A lot of the things that affected Liliha hit close to home. It was difficult to revisit those areas, but it gave me a connection to the character that made me want to keep reading and root for her.

Some events that happened in the story didn’t make sense, such as character reactions to different events. But I’m a sucker for romance, and the prospect of a new love in Liliha’s life made me cling to the pages. As a parent, Liliha’s struggles made my heart clench for her. As a woman who has experienced a failed and unfaithful relationship with an overbearing man, I’ve clenched with her.There’s quite a bit of symbolism in the story and some the character tries to work out herself.  I love how Francene brought every aspect of the character’s life together. It made the story feel complete and whole.

Overall this was a sweet story of a woman learning to survive on her own and learn to love again while helping others with the gift of her ring.

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