The Crossroads

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The CrossroadsEbook I have waited for a VERY long time for this book! I love how we see from two different perspectives and what’s even more different is they are both from men! Miss Welch has outdone herself in this wonderful book that finally brings Gabrielle and Eva together for realsies! I love how this story starts off as a sad love story and shows just how much love can accomplish! I love how all the lose ends are tied together and everything—all of the stories in the SAVING ANGELS series—make a complete picture that is beautiful and wonderful. Six degrees of separation meets The Notebook with a dash of paranormal. I guarantee you will love this book (and series) from the first word.

I was honored to beta read this. I’ve been extremely humbled by this wonderfully talented author to give me a chance to be one of the first that have read this book and series. I’m in love with the stories and this author’s writing styles. I guarantee you will too!

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