The Deepening Dark

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19033727This story is unique to me. I don’t get the chance to read many stories written by European authors and Alastair certainly has a gift for being verbose and a knack for creativity.
His story features love, loss, betrayal, unity, war, peace, forgiveness … all the things that make such a complete world. This story was incredibly long and very detailed. Though for me, the detail ended up being a bit too much and I admit to skimming those parts. For me, what really pulled me in was the action, the meat of the story, and the dialogue. The characters all had redeeming qualities. Some kept me guessing to the end. Others, were ones that I had pinned out from their introduction on. I think the development of such a wide array of characters added to the beauty of this story.
There were parts that pulled at my heart strings and others that made me sigh. I gripped my little Kindle tight during the more tense moments and held my breath during others.
Mr. Rosie has a wonderful imagination of which he clearly painted into the pages of this story. I enjoyed this and recommend it to anyone who loves high fantasy concepts with a deep plot that makes the reader emotionally invested.

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A copy of this book was given to me in exchange for a review.

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