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16295790Wow. What a whirlwind of a book! It ended much quicker than I expected and was left with a feeling of longing and needing to have more. This was such an incredible and imaginative story that takes an old biblical fable and twists it with other pantheons, dragons, magick, and a hint of spice. I was hooked from the start and couldn’t wait to see where the characters took me next each time I had to put it down.
I’m enthralled by the author’s ability to weave a beautiful story with such complexity. Though there are so many things that I love about this book. There were things that I loved and at the same time, weren’t really my thing. And it’s important for me to note that these things didn’t bother me to the point it distracted me from the story. I was completely pulled in. So take this next part as a giant compliment to the author to make me enjoy the things I don’t normally care for.
I love the characters, but Drina and Dika kept getting mixed up for me, then Delilah came in and I was trying to keep three D names separate. It got easier as the book progressed, especially in the chapters that were Dika’s. Eventually, it was like I had become a part of the family and were able to quickly recall who was who between the three of them.
Dika’s opinions seem to shift with her moods, which changed frequently, but she’s a solid and multi-faceted character who seemed realistic. There were points where I wanted to see more of her thought process from, just to get a better look into her motivations, but with the pacing of the story, it would’ve slowed it down too much. And what woman who can conjure storms wouldn’t change her mind and mood frequently? That’s what made her so likeable for me. That, and it was nice to not have every aspect of her described in the first book. Really nice to discover her as though I was a new friend.
I loved the two viewpoints of Dika and Chrome, though I really could’ve gone without so much repetition. But the way the author did the scenes, it really added more depth to the story and gave more information as it was necessary and applied to those points. This is where it really shows how much work the author has put into her stuff. You see this also with the complex plot. However, I feel somewhat cheated by the “telling” of conversations instead of showing me what was said through character dialogue.
The repetitive use of names with the dialogue was distracting, annoying, and endearing. And I mean that in the most loving way. Truly.
The sex scenes were hot, but I feel too much description with crude labels lessoned the impact for me. I like it steamy, just not “smutty.” The author did a very good job avoiding that but still making it as erotic as the scene called for. And there wasn’t too many of those scenes where they just felt tossed in.

Overall, I generally enjoyed this story immensely. I can’t wait to pick up the others!


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