#TimeTravel #tv #books

by Today, I’m going to talk about time travel books and shows, and the Masters of Time Anthology (of which I have the honor of being a part of). One of the most awesome of awesome shows that I have enjoyed watching is Continuum. I started the show after its…

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October #update on #goals

by The birthday is done. The move has been completed. The settling is underway. I’m getting back on track! :D Anyhoo, here is what last month’s goals looked like: Collab with K.C. — on hold Prepare box set for Nepherium – Still need to do Editing and send Blood Awakening to…

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July #Update on #Goals

by Apparently, I missed a month. Oh well. I got busy and had to put things off to get caught up. But I’m back! So, here’s May’s goals and this month’s goals. May’s Goals: Collaboration with M.Y. and K.C. — We are all in the process of polishing previous MS’…

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