Heart Song

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Relena wants freedom, depending on herself and not having to answer to anyone, but a betrayal takes that away. The last thing she expected was the incredibly handsome Marren to free her.

The catch?

She has to fall in love with him, fulfill a prophecy involving their heart song, and rejoin the two realms.  But Jiren, the last Ancient of his kind, isn’t convinced and will stop at nothing to maintain his throne, even if it means breaking their most sacred law.


“Spring is definitely in the air.” I giggled to myself as Marren’s arm tightened around my hand.

“It is, indeed.”

He led me down a path that forked to the right and opened into a small field of the most beautiful, tallest, red tulips bordered by trees, as if he had cut out a place for these flowers, and they grew with the magic that had won over my heart. I held my breath for fear that letting it out would make them fade.

“By the Gods, this is beautiful!”

“I thought you would like it. Go on.” He motioned toward the field.

I looked into his eyes, as if to make sure he wasn’t joking, and then stepped tentatively into the field of flowers. Their light scent danced in the air. It was sweet and mild.  At about the halfway point, I looked over my shoulder at Marren, still standing on the path. I smiled, facing him and cocked my head to the side. I wondered what was taking him so long to join me. He nodded toward me a smirk pulling at the corner of his lips. I turned back around taking another step, finding a rock that rolled underneath my foot. I fell to the ground and started laughing.

I was pulled up by Marren so fast it took my breath away. “Are you okay?”

I nodded.

Slowly, he placed my hands on his shoulders then slid his down the side of my arms, along my back, and coming to a rest at my waist. He pulled me into him, pressing our bodies together. I took in a deep breath as a rush pulsed through my veins. The woods became silent, and the wind stopped blowing, as if the world stilled for us. We started to sway, slowly, from side to side. It was awkward, like he was nervous, which made a giggle bubble out of me, shaking my frame against his. He chuckled in response and started spinning me as we glided through the flowers, twirling one way and the other in motions that were graceful, magnificent, and magical. My feet barely touched the ground, like we floated in the air.

We dance in circles, through every inch of the flower field as we gazed into each other’s eyes, looking into forever. Eventually, we slowed, returning to the center of the field and shifting back into the sway before stopping completely.

“I want you to promise me something . . .” Marren said. I worried that there was something on his mind, a weight that burdened him.

“What?” I asked.

“Promise you’ll remember this day, no matter what decision you make.” His voice was sad and fearful.

“What decision am I to make?” I asked, twirling a strand of his hair around my finger and losing myself in his eyes.

He pressed his lips to mine. The sweetness in his kiss filled me, but his lips were almost too soft. “You’ll see . . . just promise me you’ll remember today.”

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What Reviewers are saying…

K.Kendall wrote:

“I read a lot of shifter and were stories and Heart Song had a really unique and interesting take on the werewolves. I loved the characters and was anxious to see how it ended. There was adventure and drama and even some humor. Looking forward to seeing more from Samantha LaFantasie.”

M. Yokley wrote:

“Definitely worth the buy! If you like romance novels featuring strong heroines and delightfully attractive werewolf men that isn’t way too heavy on romance but also isn’t way too heavy on action either, I reccommend this book! Before reading this, I had no idea what a “heart song” even was, but after reading it I can’t imagine calling this kind of truer than true love anything else. The characters are so well defined that it’s impossible to keep any one opinion about them. There are times when you’ll love a character with all your heart, then the next you find yourself despising them, and then completely distrusting them, then when things wrap up your right back to loving them again as if nothing changed. I love stories that do this. It really makes them feel realistic because, lets be honest, how many of us keep the same opinion of someone no matter what?”

B. Bower wrote:

“HEART SONG by Samantha LaFantasie is a work of towering imagination. It’s a romance, a werewolf novel, a love story, but at its heart it’s also a fantasy. And though it exists in both mortal and immortal realms, HEART SONG feels much closer than Middle-earth or Narnia. It feels as close as a friend across the street, or a child in another room, or a lover lying in bed beside you. Like all great fantasy, HEART SONG explores the problems and ideas we all confront on a day-to-day basis: Fear of rejection or getting too close; the bliss of falling in love; the joys and responsibilities of parenthood; the sting of betrayal and the seeking of revenge; and the soul-shattering agony of loss. There’s more, of course, much more, not the least of which is a cast of unforgettable characters. The writing seems effortless, with prose and dialogue that flow so seamlessly you might (like I did) sometimes forget you’re even reading. I hope to read much more from this author in the future.”

A. Rosie wrote:

“A meeting of mortal and immortal worlds, Heart Song has an otherworldly feel to it that draws you in almost against your will. Relena and Marren share a heart song, a kind of mystical bonding that isn’t explained at first but as these two spend more time together, albeit with Relena as his prisoner it becomes almost seductive. There are dark forces at play however that seem destined to keep them apart and so we’re sucked into this world of fantastical creatures and a destiny that will affect the mortal and immortal worlds.
I enjoyed the book. LaFantasie has created a magical world and one of the challenges when creating new worlds is remembering to obey the new rules of physics. I’ve read many books where the author cheats the reader in an attempt to save their characters. Thankfully LaFantasie doesn’t fall into this trap. You want to read more and that I think is one of the drawbacks because it could have been a longer book. It’s really that good but if it has a good storyline and the characters draw you into their world as they do in Heart Song then word length shouldn’t be an issue. Hopefully any sequels will be longer because I feel as if there’s much more to this world than meets the eye.
A well written, heart warming book.”

A. Escobar wrote:

“A world of mortals and immortals–separate, yet poised to collide with one another, and at the center of it all stand Marren and Relena who share a Heart Song.

I enjoyed the mix of romance, fantastical elements, and the time Ms. LaFantasie took with the cultures and races of her world. The heroine is a young woman, Relena, who is shunned by her community and even her own father. With such a hurtful past, it’s difficult for her to open up, especially to the handsome and dangerous Marren. When he rescues her and whisks her away to a strange place, she begins to learn new things about him, the world he belongs to, and herself.

I thought her bond with Enid (who had become a father figure to her) was very touching, and I liked the fact that Relena wasn’t afraid to stand up for what she believed in and actually fight. With that said, I would’ve liked a bit more action with Relena displaying her skills (did I mention Relena could handle swords?) but other than that, it was fun following on her journey and seeing if the villain (Jiren) would tear the two lovers apart in order to achieve his own selfish ends.”


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