Nepherium Series

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This is a sci-fi/ futuristic fantasy concept set 450 years in the future and inside Wichita, KS.

My main character is Elsabetha Ehlers, a sergeant of the Aurora Vanguard Sect of the Academy, stationed in Avalon.

Jena-Malone. Elsa Ehlers jenna malone. Elsa Ehlers


Jenna Malone is the actress that closely resembled my idea of Elsabetha.


Elsa’s love interest is Noah Ehlers, a Nepherium and captain of the Aurora Vanguard. And Kevin Zegers is who I chose for him.

kevin-zegers-9.Noah Ehlers kevin-zegers-gossip-girl.noah Ehlers


Here’s the full Character list and actors that I would chose if I had a choice in casting. Some of these were figured out pretty recently because I could see them clearly in my head.


(Actor/Character)(In no particular order)

Jesse Schram : Jenna Malcom

*Kevin Zeggers : Noah Ehlers

*Jenna Malone : Elsa Ehlers/Ellery

Mitchell Travis Diehr : Blake Harringson

Robert Hoffman : Justin Dobbs

Nonso Anozie : Taberious Avery

Ed Harris : Paulson Ellery

Diane Lane : Livian Ellery

Karl Urban : Alexander Barabbas

Lauren Ambrose: Natasha Morrigan

*Denotes characters are pictured above.

My Muse/Playlist:

Glitch Mob


Coyote Kisses




Lindsey Stirling

Massive Attack



Nepherium Series Theme Song:

I Need My Memory Back by The Glitch Mob


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