Made to Forget: Nepherium Novella Series – Part One

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Samantha LF v2

There’s something that lies within my memory. Hidden in the dark. Something that can kill me and those that I love. But I was in an accident, covered in mystery and deception. And my memory…was lost. There are those who want me to remember. I don’t trust them.  And those I do trust…are fighting for me to forget.

Elsabetha Ellery wants to get her memory back, even if it kills her.

After waking up in a hospital with no memory, Elsabetha quickly learns those who claim to be her friend are anything but. And those who are her true friends keep themselves unseen.

Stuck with piecing together her broken memories alone, Elsa struggles with having faith in those she trusts and heeding the warnings of the dangers in recovering her memory. Ignoring them, she faces heavy consequences. Ones she doesn’t see until it’s too late and a life is lost.


It was late. Every time I closed my eyes, flashes of horrifying images with distant echoes of screams and alarms bounced through my mind. I stood from the bed, wrapped myself in my blanket, and moved to the glass door to walk through the courtyard. The air was chilly but the blanket kept me comfortable. The cold, stone path led me to a waterfall and pond. There were still lily pads and moss floating along the surface, with little shadows dashing underneath. The trickling water brought me peace.

Then the weight of someone’s eyes on me brushed that peace away. It wasn’t that their presence was threatening. Protective, actually. I peered back toward my room, taking in all the shadows. An empty, darkened courtyard stared back at me. Still, the presence surrounded me. Trying to appear nonchalant, I continued my stroll along the path throughout the span of the courtyard. Nothing moved. Not a shadow. Not even a branch from the bushes. None of the other doors were open. All the lights were off, and everyone else seemed to be sleeping.

The towering building surrounded the courtyard. Nothing along the top, just the stars and moonlight pressed against an indigo sky. I sighed. It must have been my imagination. I walked to a bench next to the waterfall and sat down.

What happened to me? Damn it, why can’t I remember? What’s the deal with Jenna and Alexander?

I sensed neither of them had told me the entire truth. I knew both of them before my accident, but how? Their connection to me couldn’t be as pleasant as they were trying to portray. The harder I tried to look into my mind, the more of a headache I got. I groaned, leaned forward, and placed my head into my hands.

“You shouldn’t be out here,” a man’s voice said from behind me. His voice was strangely soft and soothing, and not as deep as Alexander’s. Commanding, for sure. But not overbearing. There was something . . . almost familiar . . . in his voice.

My heart leapt into my chest as I stood and turned around, looking for the person that had just spoken. I spun in another circle, keeping my eyes out for his shadow–any movement–looking for him.

No one was there.

My head throbbed again, and the thought of returning to my own bed became more appealing. Yet the images of the nightmare that haunted me, keeping me from sleep, came to mind. They forced me to hesitate just a little longer before making my way back into my darkened room. I pressed the lock button on the sliding door and watched the light turn from green to red with a small beep. My gaze wandered over the courtyard one last time, looking for the source of the voice before I climbed back in bed. I waited for the exhaustion to become too great to fight.

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What the reviews are saying…

Heidi M. Till:

It has been so long since a book has kept me glued to the pages, I simply could not put it down! Full of mystery and wonder, this book is sure to keep you guessing what will happen next in Elsabetha’s life as she tries to put the pieces together. I can not wait for the next installment in this captivating series! Bravo Samantha Lafantasie!!! I give this book 5 stars!

uconnhusky13 :

WOW, it’s been quite a while since I’ve read a real page turner like this. A young woman survives an accident with resulting amnesia. She was in a precarious position prior to the accident and now she’s not sure who to trust or believe. The author has laid the groundwork for an amazing series. She’s built into this novella a great deal of information on the characters, background and the current situation.

“To be continued” had better not take too long, I can’t wait to read more!

Diana Little:

Read the ARC edition. Best story I’ve read in ages!

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