Works in Progress

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Fated: Return of the Fallen Queen

Still waiting on some Alpha feedback. For now this project is on hold.

NOTE: You can read a part of this story now on Wattpad!

The Last Necromancer

This has actually been placed on the back burner for the time being. I will revisit it, but right now, I’m finishing up some other projects that take precedence.

The Dark Ones

In Editing with my lovely, fantastic editor. :) <3

Blood Awakening

Alpha reads/edits have returned. Will work through those next.

HS: Book 2 – Draft 1

1.02%  510 of 50000

HS:Enid’s Story

Draft 1 is complete. I just need to go through and edit, fill in, and add some details for draft 2 then begin edits, beta reads, and hopefully get this out.

47.8%  2390 of 5000

Nepherium – The Complete Collection


Formatting for Kindle is complete! Paperback formatting is complete! Book covers have been lost! BOO! Working with someone to rectify currently. Still on schedule.


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